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    JinHongda Industrial Co., Ltd. Sales Hotline:86-0768-2853489
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     Guangdong Chaozhou Jinghongda Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1998.It is an enterprise specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling all kinds of switches and sockets. There are nearly one hundred kinds of products, mainly including SS, WD and JHD series IEC Power input/output sockets and plugs; SS, WD and JHD series plug and socket adaptors; JHD series universal travel plug and socket. The products sequentially passed “CCC”, “CQC”, “CE”, “RoHS” and other international certifications.

       We have a whole set of manufacturing equipments and comprehensive testing means, and also perfect computer information management system. We will never stop and go on to develop new products, improve the product quality and expand the market.
       We persist in policy of “existing with quality, developing with science and technology” and follow the philosophies of “honesty, virtue, credit, excellence”, work hard continuously, strive to make progress and create more achimens and at the same time, we sincerely welcome you to visit and cooperate with us to make success and create brilliance together.
    | Update:2009.07.06
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